New Year, New Adventures


So, this is the beginning of my journey. I guess turning 40, for me, is the year to try all the things I have always talked about doing “one day”. With six kids and ministries, I imagine there will be days I will wonder what I was thinking but I will never know until I try! My husband, the eternal entrepreneur, has always encouraged me to do what I love but with each season bringing more kids, I wasn’t in a place mentally to even try. Basically, we are just taking the things we are doing already just on a larger scale, so Chase the Sun will encompass the things we love, stemming from my love of creating things, nature and south Florida…and usually my quest to forever Chase the Sun (all my friends always know…yes, another sunrise/sunset picture :))
We began all of these journeys just for our family, but over the years people kept asking if we would considering selling them (furniture, boat rides or Biltong), so it began. There will be many steps along the way including restoring old furniture, our girl, a 23 ft Chaparral, back to her beauty but Chase the Sun will hopefully come to fruition over this next year…or longer, or not at all but this is our journey along the way! 
Building: My passion for refurbishing old furniture started back as poor college students. I would take all the hand-me-downs, sand them, stain/paint them and they were good as new to us. Mostly wood side tables, coffee tables, dining tables, bookshelves, headboards etc, Hundreds, probably thousands of dollars worth of furniture for free, with a little staining or painting and luckily for me, the vintage look is in and its about character of the piece, not the perfection (which is symbolically a life goal anyway).
Boat: When we sold our home in Fort Lauderdale in 2014, unfortunately we left our boat in the water, which is the worst thing ever. With my limited knowledge, basically the bilge pump went out, water got into the drain pan and rusted and caused the shaft to freeze, as well (or something like that). When we moved to Miami in 2016, she sat out uncovered for a few years (a friend of a friend was supposed to fix but became ill and after selling our business and entering ministry, we didn’t have the money to fix her yet anyway, and she sat some more). Recently, we decided we needed to make a decision and either fix her or cut her loose. We found someone who is willing to try and she is going to need a lot of TLC but thankfully I have Mike, who can just just about anything (except maybe perform open-heart surgery, although I’m sure he could probably figure it out 🙂 Kidding aside, that’s how much confidence I have in his talent). Part 2 will be get my Captain’s License. I always used to jokingly say, “just leave me out here in the water and I will just give sunset cruises ’til the sun goes down”… most likely in Key Largo, since we are just a quick 25 min trip away. 
Beef: We currently have a small business making Biltong (only our South African friends will know what that is, and of course, our friends that usually enjoy snacking with us) but we’ve had so many requests lately, we decided to step it up a notch.

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